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Get ready to make your holiday gift-giving special with our great selection of inflatable toys at Whether you’re looking for something for kids or the young at heart, our inflatables are perfect. They’re fun, exciting, and sure to make any event joyful. We offer everything from waterslide bounce house rentals in Columbus, Georgia, to a huge 20-foot inflatable water slide.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – start shopping early. This way, you can get our amazing deals and the best prices. Our bounce houses, snow cone machines, and bounce angels will make any party unforgettable. Call us at 706-940-2386 to learn more and book your favorite inflatable today!

Key Takeaways

  • Wide selection of fun and exciting inflatable toys for all ages
  • Waterslide bounce house rentals and 20-foot inflatable water slides available in Columbus, Georgia
  • Early bird discounts on inflatable rentals to save you money
  • Snow cone machines and bounce angels to elevate your party experience
  • Call 706-940-2386 to reserve your favorite inflatable rental today

Unleash the Joy of Inflatable Toys for Endless Backyard Fun

Bring the excitement of inflatable toys to your holiday season. Turn your backyard into a place of endless fun. Our selection includes thrilling waterslide bounce house rentals in Columbus, Georgia, and classic bounce houses. Kids and adults will love them.

Waterslide Bounce House Rental Columbus, Georgia

Our 20-foot inflatable water slide is perfect for making memories at your events. Picture the laughter as guests slide down and splash into a cool pool. It’s ideal for summer parties or birthdays, making it the highlight of your event.

Bounce House Rental Columbus, Georgia

Our bounce house rentals offer non-stop fun for everyone. Watch as kids and adults bounce, jump, and laugh in our inflatable playgrounds. We have everything from cozy castles to exciting obstacle courses. There’s something for every age and taste, making your event unforgettable.

Make your backyard a place of joy and excitement with our inflatable toys. Choose from waterslide or classic bounce houses in Columbus, Georgia. Start making memories that will last forever!

“Inflatable toys have become a staple in our family’s backyard celebrations. The kids (and adults!) can’t get enough of the waterslide and bounce house rentals. It’s the perfect way to bring endless fun and laughter to any occasion.”

The Ultimate Water Adventure: 20 Foot Inflatable Water Slide

20 foot inflatable water slide

Bring endless fun to your backyard with our amazing 20-foot inflatable water slide! It’s the perfect way to beat the heat on hot summer days or make any event more exciting. Watch as your guests’ faces light up as they slide down and splash into the water.

Our 20-foot inflatable water slide is perfect for any party, family get-together, or just a fun day at home. It stands tall, offering an experience that everyone will remember. It’s the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor fun.

This slide is made with top-quality materials for safety and fun. It’s easy to set up, turning your backyard into a water adventure spot quickly. Everyone, from kids to adults, will love it.

Picture your kids racing up and down the slide, laughing and splashing in the water. Or see your adult friends competing to make the biggest splash. Our 20-foot inflatable water slide brings endless joy and creates lasting memories.

Don’t have a dull backyard this summer. Make it unforgettable with our top-notch 20-foot inflatable water slide. It turns your outdoor space into a place where fun and adventure meet.

Bounce Houses Galore: Varieties to Suit Every Occasion

We’re excited to offer a wide range of bounce houses for any event in Columbus, Georgia. Our selection includes classic and themed bounce houses to make any party fun. Whether it’s a birthday, corporate event, or community party, our bounce house rentals will keep everyone entertained and make memories that last.

Our bounce houses come in many sizes and themes to fit your event perfectly. Picture the fun of a giant castle bounce house or a sports bounce house with hoops and goals. These options will bring laughter and joy to your guests.

Bounce House Rental Columbus, Georgia

In Columbus, Georgia, we provide top-notch bounce house rental services for all your events. Our team will help set up and ensure everything is ready for your guests. This lets you focus on making your event unforgettable.

Our selection includes everything from classic bounce houses to water inflatables. Imagine a bounce house with a water slide for endless fun. Or a bounce house with obstacles, slides, and climbing walls for a challenge.

Bounce House Type Dimensions Capacity
Classic Bounce House 15ft x 15ft 6-8 children
Sports Themed Bounce House 20ft x 20ft 8-10 children
Water Slide Bounce House 20ft x 30ft 10-12 children

Our bounce house rentals in Columbus, Georgia, are perfect for any event. They’ll make your backyard fun and party entertainment unforgettable. Check out our collection and let us help you plan an event everyone will talk about for years.

“Bounce houses have transformed our backyard parties into unforgettable experiences. The joy and laughter they bring are truly priceless.”

Check out our amazing collection of inflatable toys, bounce houses, and water slides at Our site is easy to use, letting you quickly look through our items, compare them, and book your rental. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift or want to throw a memorable backyard party, we’ve got you covered. We offer everything to make your event special and create memories that last.

Don’t miss out on our early bird discounts. Call us at 706-940-2386 to book your rental. At InflatablePG, we aim to make getting into the fun of inflatable toys, bounce houses, and water slides simple and fun. See the many options for holiday gifts and party rentals that will leave your guests talking.

Make your next event or backyard party unforgettable by checking out our wide selection. Visit and let us assist you in planning the best celebration filled with joy and excitement.


What types of inflatable toys do you offer?

We have a great selection of inflatable toys. This includes waterslide bounce house rentals, classic bounce houses, and 20-foot inflatable water slides. We have something for every event.

Where can I rent inflatable toys in Columbus, Georgia?

You can rent our inflatable toys in Columbus, Georgia. Check out our wide variety at We offer waterslide bounce house rentals and bounce house rentals.

How tall is the 20-foot inflatable water slide?

Our 20-foot inflatable water slide is the ultimate water adventure. It towers over your backyard. Guests will love racing down the slide and splashing into the water.

What types of bounce houses do you offer?

We have a wide range of bounce houses for rent. You can choose from classic bounce houses or themed ones. They’re perfect for any party or event in Columbus, Georgia.

How can I book my inflatable toy rental?

Booking is easy! Just visit our website at You can browse our inventory, compare options, and secure your rental. Remember, we offer early bird discounts!

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