Water Slide Tips & Tricks for a great Summer!


Get ready to make a splash this summer! As the temperatures rise, there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a thrilling waterslide rental. At Inflatable Playground and Party Rentals, we’re here to help you host the ultimate summer bash. We’ll guide you through every step to ensure your event is a wet and wild success.

Waterslide rentals are the ultimate crowd-pleaser, providing hours of fun and laughter for guests of all ages. Whether you’re planning a backyard party, a community event, or a corporate picnic, adding a waterslide is a surefire way to make your summer festivities unforgettable. With our wide selection of inflatable waterslides, ranging from 20-foot tall slides to fun-filled water arches, we’ve got the perfect solution to make your summer celebration a splash-tacular success.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the secrets to hosting the ultimate waterslide-themed summer bash
  • Explore a wide selection of inflatable waterslides to fit any event
  • Learn how to create unforgettable memories with family and friends
  • Ensure a worry-free and safe waterslide experience for all your guests
  • Unlock a world of excitement with thrilling waterslide games and activities

Unleash the Fun: Renting a Waterslide for Your Summer Bash

Creating Lifelong Memories: The Magic of Waterslides

Renting a waterslide for your summer party is a great way to make memories that last forever. It brings fun and excitement, making it a perfect spot for family and friends to come together. The thrill of sliding down a 20 foot inflatable water slide and the laughter it brings can turn your party into something everyone will remember.

Picture kids racing up the 20 foot tall water slide, their faces full of joy. Imagine adults having fun too, sliding down the bounce house water slide jumpers and feeling like kids again. A bounce house rental in Columbus, Georgia is a great choice for a summer party that everyone will talk about.

For a snow cone birthday party or any event, a bounce house rental Columbus, Georgia adds extra fun. Guests will love the twists and turns of the waterslide bounce house, making memories that last a lifetime.

“A waterslide rental is the ultimate way to create a summer bash that will be talked about for years to come. The pure joy and laughter it brings is unmatched.” – Event Planner, Columbus, Georgia

Adding a waterslide rental to your summer event can make it magical and unforgettable. It’s a sure way to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Safety First: Ensuring a Worry-Free Waterslide Experience

waterslide bounce house rental

Planning a summer party with a waterslide bounce house rental in Columbus, Georgia? Make sure safety comes first. Follow a few easy steps to make your event safe and fun. This way, your guests will talk about your party for years.

Start by picking a trusted bounce house rental company in Columbus, Georgia. Choose one known for safe, well-kept 20 foot inflatable water slides and 20 foot tall water slides. Read reviews, ask for references, and check their safety rules to find a good partner.

After picking your bounce house water slide jumpers, set clear rules and watch over the kids. Assign adults to keep an eye on the snow cone birthday party bounce angels and make sure they follow age and height rules. This keeps everyone safe and lets them have a blast with the bounce house rental near me.

  1. Make sure the waterslide bounce house is set up right to avoid accidents.
  2. Tell everyone the safety rules clearly.
  3. Help and watch over the little ones closely.
  4. Watch the weather and stop activities if it gets bad.

Putting safety first and following these tips will make your waterslide bounce house rental event safe and fun. Your guests will love it and remember it for a long time.


As summer gets closer, finding the perfect way to make your outdoor events exciting is key. Look no further than InflatablePG. We’re a top choice for quality waterslide bounce house rentals and more in Columbus, Georgia.

We know making summer memories with your loved ones is important. That’s why we have a wide range of waterslides, bounce houses, and other inflatables. They’re perfect for any event, from birthday parties to corporate gatherings. Our products are designed to make your event unforgettable.

We focus on quality and safety in everything we do. Our rentals, like the 20-foot waterslide and 20-foot tall slide, are well-maintained and checked often. They’re built to last, ensuring fun and laughter for everyone at your event.

Product Features Popularity
20 Foot Inflatable Water Slide – Thrilling ride for all ages
– Durable construction
– Easy setup and takedown
Bounce House Water Slide Combo – Combines bounce and slide fun
– Suitable for larger events
– Customizable branding options
Snow Cone Machine Rental – Refreshing treat for hot days
– Easy-to-use operation
– Ideal for parties and events

We’re all about making summer events unforgettable at InflatablePG. Our experts will help you every step of the way, from setup to after the event. With our wide selection, your summer event will be the highlight of the season.

“InflatablePG made our summer bash a huge success! The 20-foot waterslide was the hit of the party, and the bounce house water slide combo kept the kids entertained for hours. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched.”

Make your summer events stand out with InflatablePG. Contact us to see our inventory and find the perfect inflatable for your next big event.

Waterslide Games and Activities for Endless Summer Excitement

As the warm summer sun beams down, it’s time to turn your waterslide bounce house rental in Columbus, Georgia into a place of endless fun. Make your bounce house rental even better with exciting games and activities. These will keep your guests entertained for hours.

Let out your inner child and have fun with your guests in water-filled adventures. Enjoy classic water balloon tosses and 20 foot tall water slide races. We have great ideas to make your bounce house water slide jumpers the highlight of the party.

Splash-tastic Waterslide Games

  • Host a snow cone birthday party where guests race to the bottom of the slide and grab a treat.
  • Organize a bounce house water slide limbo contest, challenging guests to slide under a lowering bar without getting wet.
  • Set up a 20 foot inflatable water slide relay race, where teams compete to see who can make the most trips down the slide.

Add more excitement with synchronized sliding competitions. Guests work together to time their slides perfectly. The laughter and cheers will fill the air as your guests become bounce angels and make memories to last a lifetime.

Waterslide Activity Suitable for All Ages Encourages Teamwork Provides Endless Laughter
Water Balloon Toss
Limbo Contest
Relay Race
Synchronized Sliding

Make your bounce house rental near me in Columbus, Georgia, the best this summer. With these fun waterslide games and activities, you’ll create memories that will last forever!

“The best summer memories are made on the waterslide, where laughter and joy know no bounds.”


Renting a waterslide for your summer party can make it unforgettable. We’ve given you tips to ensure safety and add fun games and activities. A waterslide rental brings excitement, laughter, and togetherness. Get ready for the best summer ever!

Planning a birthday party, family gathering, or event? Adding a waterslide from bounce angels in Columbus, Georgia is a great idea. Imagine the joy of sliding down a 20-foot inflatable water slide or bouncing on a bounce house water slide. These moments will create lasting memories.

Looking to rent a waterslide, a bounce house, or both? Let the experts at bounce house rental in Columbus, Georgia plan your perfect summer party. Dive into the season’s fun and excitement with a waterslide!


What are the benefits of renting a waterslide for a summer celebration?

Renting a waterslide brings fun and excitement to your summer party. It makes memories that last a lifetime. It’s a great way for family and friends to come together and have fun.Everyone will love the thrill of sliding and the laughter it brings. It turns your summer party into something you’ll always remember.

How can we ensure the safety of guests when using a waterslide?

Keeping your guests safe is very important. Make sure the waterslide is set up right and watched over. Always follow the safety rules.Choose a trusted rental company and stick to the rules about age and height. This way, everyone can have fun without worry.

What type of waterslide rental options are available?

https://www.inflatablepg.com/ offers top-notch inflatable products, like waterslides, for summer events. They have many options and can customize them to make your party special.This means you can make your summer bash unforgettable for your guests.

What kind of games and activities can be incorporated with a waterslide rental?

Add fun games and activities to your waterslide for endless entertainment. You can have water balloon tosses, sliding races, and more. These ideas will make your waterslide the center of summer fun.

Where can I find a reliable waterslide rental service in the Columbus, Georgia area?

https://www.inflatablepg.com/ is a trusted name in Columbus, Georgia for waterslide rentals. They offer the latest designs and great service. Your summer party will be a hit with them.

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